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Overall Preparations 

• Clean the whole house 

• Turn on all lights/lamps, replace any burnt out bulbs

• Clean interior/exterior of windows

• Close all windows and open blinds/curtains to let in outside light

• Remove unnecessary furniture, declutter horizontal surfaces

• Turn all television and computer screens off

• Remove personal photographs

• Place all shoes/jackets in closets, remove items hanging on hooks

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Outside Areas

• Move cars from driveways and front of the property

• Close garage doors

• Remove/hide trash bins

• Mow and edge grass in the front/back

• Trim overgrown trees/bushes

• Remove any toys/sports/lawn equipment

• Clean lawn cuttings/leaves from driveway and sidewalks

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Kitchen & Dinning Room

• Straighten/push in chairs

• Clear countertops off completely

• Hide any small appliances (toaster, air fryer, coffee maker, ect) 

• Remove fridge magnets/photos/calendars 

• Store dishes and put away draining rack

• Hide soaps and cleaning items

• Remove visible trash/recycling bins

• Add a center piece such as flowers or candles to the tables

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Living/Family Room

• Arrange the furniture to make room look large

• Remove magazines and papers

• Remove any gym equipment

• Clear clutter from horizontal surfaces

• Hide loose home theater cables

• Hide all remotes

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• Clear countertops completely

• Remove toiletries from counters

• Clean all mirrors and counter  tops

• Hang fresh towels

• Remove all items from bathtubs/showers

• Clean toilet and close lid

• Remove trash bin

• Remove plungers/toilet brush

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• Remove any visible clothes and clutter

• Hide personal items and visible cables

• Make beds and straighten pillows

• Remove items from bed side table

• Ensure nothing is visible under the bed

• Remove personal photos

• Remove clothes hamper

• Close all closets

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